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N.A.R.C. –¬†Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Collaborators!

My name is Prajinta Sthapitanonda-Pesqueda, and this website is dedicated to narcissistic abuse recovery. My mission is to provide awareness, education, resources, support, and connection for people recovering from narcissistic abuse. Read articles from, join the Facebook group, follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter, and join me on my weekly blog. Future endeavors include a YouTube Vlog and a merchandise store.

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About P Pesqueda

Join P Pesqueda on her healing journey as she shares a daily account of her progress, victories and defeats, tips and suggestions, inspirational quotes and scriptures, and other information to help you on your road to narcissistic abuse recovery. Although she began her journey on June 18, 2019, her first day of “No Contact” was January 21st. Let’s all jump in this together and stay strong! We can build a beautiful life after loving a person with a personality disorder. It’s not enough to survive. We must RISE and THRIVE!