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During this time of new habits due to our changing world, you can listen anywhere and anytime: while preparing tasty meals, during breaks at work, during your commute, while doing chores, on daily walks, or anytime you’d like to connect, learn, and receive support

The topics offer educational information and are seasoned with a healthy dose of my own recovery experience. My work here is not a polished professional production like so many out there, but it is substantive and supported by research and expert collaboration. It is unedited, raw, authentic, and vulnerable yet informed by a lifetime of experience and a Masters degree focused on guidance and counseling.

Follow me to see the constantly growing library with many podcasts on many topics about recovery from traumatic relationships with disordered, dysregulated, and dangerous individuals with Cluster B illnesses. Follow me as I interview the movers and shakers like ROBERT TORBAY and RICHARD GRANNON.

We are all experiencing something very similar as we move back into reality following the shared fantasy. Let’s walk this path to wellness and wholeness together.


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