Trooper Toolkit Volume #2 ($10) Recovery Level 2


Access three important roadmaps for your healing journey. A $10 contribution to N.A.R.C. will enable me to continue providing information and support for those who are transitioning out of narcissistic or psychopathic abuse.

  • What is NARC Troopers?
  • Establishing Boundaries to Preserve Family & Friends Post-Discard (PDF Contract)
  • Checklist for Narcissism
  • Guided Meditations, Grounding, and Energetic Cleansing Videos (3)
  • The Importance of Spirituality and Energy Work as a Healing Tool
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I. The Role of God/Source/Spirit in Recovery (worksheet)
II. Guided Meditations, Prayers & Petitions, and Energetic Cleansing Videos (2)
III. Techniques to Stop Intrusive Thoughts, Panic Attacks, Anxiety
IV. Alternative Natural Medicine vs. Prescription Meds
V. Narcissist Speak (Handout) Word Salad, Gaslighting, &MumboJumbo


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