I finally got lucky and found your work on narcissistic abuse recovery and I’m so grateful for it. It has helped me understand why things have been so insane these past few months since the end of my marriage to a man with NPD, and I was beginning to think it was me, not him. Nobody understood or believed me, not even my therapist could address the trauma bonding. Now I know I’m not the one that has something wrong with them and I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to what you have taught me.
I just read your article on Medium, "The Way They Leave Tells You Everything" and it broke my heart all over again. You write so eloquently and truly -- I felt each and every word you typed into existence. I lived so much of what you said and continue to live through it. I don't even know where to begin to write how much your prose touched me. I am learning to accept, let go and carve the path I want in life. All I really want to say right now is : THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing your raw emotions to reach out and touch so many people fighting to understand and process what happened to them.
With so many people out there talking about narcissistic abuse recovery, your articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos stand out among them all. They are “real” and free and not some polished packaged pre-paid solution. I feel like you are going through it all with me and may not be completely recovered yourself but that we are all on the same journey and you are the tour guide through this recovery hell and you’re doing an expert guide of leading the way! I’m a “trooper” in your army of soldiers who are going to get over this and do whatever we need to do to make that happen. Your strength, courage, and defiance inspire me!
I am exactly you. I spent my life living thru other people to find happiness. I found your YouTube vlog in a narcissist forum and I believe that listening to you will help me heal. Thank you!
I just read your piece on ‘The Narcissistic Psychopath Weaponizes Sex.’ You described my STBX to a tee. Your writing is spectacular. Just looking through your stuff, I feel like I found a home.
I am so grateful to have come across you, another beautiful, compassionate and thoughtful soul.Your words speak to me, so thank you for speaking and sharing your truth.
I am so grateful to have come across you, another beautiful, compassionate and thoughtful soul.Your words speak to me, so thank you for speaking and sharing your truth.” Lisa 2/21 “I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for making your podcast. Incredibly healing for me to hear someone talk about not only how they recovered and that that is possible, but talk about how hard and how messy and how frustrating it is! So many of the resources I have found so far make it seem so neat and so easy but I cried listening to your first few episodes online, often feeling like you got exactly the frustration and the anger and the guilt. Thank you so much for doing what you do and sharing your feelings, I hope one day to be able to turn my own pain into something as wonderful as you have. All my love from the UK.”
Thank you 1000 times for the article in Quora ...so...it was like I was hit by a truck when my narc left me for another woman. You conveyed all my feelings in your story... excellent work my Queen! Excellent!”
It sounds like you have done your homework and you are already helping others. God knows you helped me today.”
I am writing as a response to the “Addicted to a Narcissist?” article that you wrote. I always look forward to your articles! They are very helpful for me.”
Today I discovered your articulate and beautifully crafted essays. I appreciate the precision of thought you capture in your words and your ability to cut through the confusion of narc abuse to express the heart of the experience with force and clarity. Your writing has healing power. Thank you for that.”
I listen to your podcasts every week on my commute or whenever I start feeling anxious. I also sleep in on Saturdays and always look forward to staying in bed with a cup of coffee and your newest articles on Medium. I feel like you know exactly what I’m feeling and help me understand all this mess. Your $10 Toolkits on your website are a super bargain and had goodies I can actually use to self reflect or actually put into practice. Can’t wait for the collection of articles in a book format you’re working on and hope to give it to my divorce group buddies for a holiday gift this year!
You are also incredibly smart about what you write. I love it that it just shows up in my email and I know before I open it that reading you will have value. Thank you!
Don't stop writing. You are helping me so much.
Your article "A Promise For Forever" explained everything so clearly.. A must read for every survivor of narcissistic abuse.
You write so beautifully even if it is about something so toxic. But you’ve hit the nail on the head in more ways than one. “Ambient abuse” is exactly what it’s called. You’re being controlled but it’s not on a conscious level.
I have been having weekly sessions with P. Pesqueda for the past 7 months, and I can see huge progress that I was unable to achieve before. Those of us in recovery from narcissistic abuse need a whole team of support helping us put ourselves toether, and this recovery coach has given me the tools to understand what happened, work on myself, and get to a place of wellness. She really understands NPD and is a brilliant and caring part of my recovery team!
When I started listening to N.A.R.C. Troopers podcasts, I got some real clarity around my whole experience with my narcissist ex. I have been having a rough time until I started lsitening to the weekly podcasts, then I scheduled 8 sessions with Ms. Pesqueda. She was super helpful on my recovery and I want to thank her for the insight, guidance, support, and courage to let go and move forward. Her writing about the topic is compeling. I recommend her work to anyone who is struggling and suffering after this kind of abuse and brainwashing.
This lady can write in ways that show she really gets it, and I follow her on her podcast channel and other platforms. She's been a teacher forever and teaches about narcissism that really makes you smarter and stronger. Did a few months of coaching and down to once a month checkins but I feel seen and heard and know she really gets it.